About Us

Brief Introduction

School of Nursing was established in 1966, it has trained quality nursing professionals to help maintain the health of Taiwanese citizens through excellent nursing care. The undergraduate program stresses both theory and practice and seeks to care for the humanities and train prospective nursing professionals. The graduate program aims to cultivate advanced nursing professionals with theoretical, practical, and research skills. The quality of students’ education and guidance is ensured with our outstanding faculty. With our high passage rate for the National Nursing Certification test, our graduates have a high employment rate and are greatly valued by employers.

Historical Timeline

1966 Established three-year associate program
1975 Established bachelor (BSN) program
1989 Recruited both female and male students
1990 Established on-job (RN-BSN) program
2001 Established master program
2003 Reformed university, belonged to College of Medicine
2003 Initiated Traditional Chinese Medicine Nursing (TCMN) in master program
2006 Belonged to College of Health Care
2010 Closed RN-BSN program
2011 PhD program in Nursing subordinated in Department of Public Health