As one of the earliest higher nursing education in Taiwan, China Medical University (CMU) School of Nursing is recognized for its rich and solid teaching experience, as well as by its featured courses, such as Chinese Medicine nursing. There are two faculty members who have PhD degree in Chinese Medicine Nursing, and 60% of our teachers have earned training credits in the Chinese Medicine. Every professional nursing program can be connected with Chinese Medicine in our school, and we teach students how to apply them during the clinical internship. We are the only nursing school which has combined traditional Chinese and western medicine concept in Taiwan. Our teachers are also fully committed to the research and development of the Chinese Medicine Evidenced-Based Nursing, in order to apply in clinic and in teaching.
On behave of CMU nursing, I am proud to tell you that we can assure the high quality of nursing education here in CMU with our outstanding faculty members and the vibrant learning environment. All of our faculty are highly enthusiastic in nursing education, and focused on developing up-to-date teaching material and teaching strategies, including PBL, flip classroom, situational simulation teaching, OSCE and so on. We keep on making innovations at teaching, there are up to 80% of our faculty got teaching-related excellent awards in recent 3 years. We stress the importance to nurture our students with the clinical ability. CMU is affiliated to a well-known medical center which can ensure sufficient clinical practice experience for our students. The ultimate educational goal of our school is to cultivate high quality nursing professionals, with our high qualification rate of the National Nursing Certification Examination. Our graduates have a high employment rate and are greatly valued by employers. They serve in various professional nursing positions in the community, many of them are already the leaders in the clinical practice, teaching, and research fields.
Linking to the mission of CMU, we have motivated to collaborate with scholars internationally to gaining even broader global perspective. We also encourage students to attend short-term overseas program to expand their professional skills and vision.
You are welcome to explore our website and find out more information about our programs and contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to interacting with you soon!
Warm regards,

Wen-Chun Liao, PhD, RN
Professor and Chair
CMU School of Nursing and Graduate Institute of Nursing